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Candidates vie for last positions on bathurst with candidates for the provincial legislature

Quebec provincial and territorial leaders announce election campaigns for each province and territorial riding

Quebec Liberal candidate in Calgary-Lakeshore riding announces campaign for federal House

Premiers vie for leadership of Canada's largest federation of municipal premiers

Premier's race for Ontario premier announced and announced by candidates for both the Toronto and Ottawa ridings

British Columbia Liberal party announces candidates for provincial and territorial leadership

Quebecois announces candidate to run for president of Canada's largest federation of municipal premiers, including Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver

New Democrats announce candidates for the Canadian National Election Campaign, including federal Liberals, and for the House of Commons

The Quebec Liberals announced their candidacy for government in the 2014 general election.

The party was formed in May 1993 and the first party was elected at the 1995 general election. Quebecois leader Daniel Cohn-Bendit won the leadership of the party with 56% of the vote, with the support of 17 of the 20 MPs, with the NDP leading with 15%.

Drought help not politically motivated mp says climate change won't mean 'death' in West Bank

RAMALLAH, West Bank — With the sun shining in his eyes, Ahmed Said looks into a water-filled bucket full of seawater.

Says: "I don't know why our people suffer, but they won't be able to survive if we don't take action."

The 21-year-old engineer works for a company that makes and supplies equipment to the West Bank's Palestinian Authority and is currently in the midst of setting up his first ever solar thermal plant. He is part of the Palestinian Association of Electrical and Electronic Workers (P.A.E.W.) who is involved in the Palestinian campaign to get local officials to address the problem of climate change and bring about the end to water shortages.

The local electricity industry, the main source of livelihood in the occupied territories, depends on renewable resources such as seawater for its basic needs.

The local economy is reliant on agricultural imports to be sustainable. But many Israelis in the West Bank are reluctant to bring these supplies into the territory and instead buy from other countries.

The P.A.E.W. is campaigning in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to prevent water shortages and is in turn using the power of the sun to mobilize the collective Palestinian Authority to confront the climate crisis.

Says: "If people look closer at the conditions, they see how our economy is collapsing. The international community's recognition that water shortage cannot go on forever has prevented us from dealing with our situation in an efficient way."

Said adds: "We see the Palestinian Authority has taken a big step and is making investments in electric generation from renewable sources. In many of our villages the water has already started to run out, which means they have started to drill for water underground.

"If everyone does their fair share, things will eventually work out."

Says: "The energy policy can save many lives, but that depends on the governments dealing with the problem."

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